SINCE 2001

Total Grants
for Public Benefit


Public Benefit

Since 2001, the MCM Fund has proudly paid out over $141,114,464 in grants to non-profit organizations. In the area of Public Benefit, $10,925,616 has been paid out through June 2023.


Building a more inclusive world, one playground at a time, naturally

The Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund has been a significant partner for Harper’s Playground, awarding the organization eight grants over the past ten years to help communities create inviting playgrounds for people of all abilities. Harper’s Playground was founded in 2010 with the belief that the power of a well-designed and realized inclusive play space can truly transform a community for the better. Since then, they have built or consulted on the building of 13 playgrounds—many of which are in the greater Portland area, but some are as far as Tokyo. 

The most recent grant for $75,000 will support Harper’s Playground as they expand their reach to consult in even more communities, helping make inclusive play a priority around the globe. Once a year the organization hosts a “How-To” workshop where they spend two days teaching participants about the need for inclusive, natural playgrounds, and how to begin the construction process. 

Breaking down barriers for marginalized kids

“We are incredibly humbled by the continued support of our vision of a more inclusive world has received from the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund over the years. We are honored to have been selected for inclusion as a partner as highlighting our work together will help us have an even greater impact towards the creation of healthier and more equitable communities.”
—G. Cody Q.J. Goldberg, Executive Director, Harper’s Playground

The Impact 

Grants from the MCM Fund have helped Harper’s Playground accomplish several goals by: 

  • Providing capital for playground construction costs
  • Supporting operational and program expenses, empowering them to advise other communities on building inclusive, natural playgrounds
  • Enabling the organization to leverage relationships with municipalities and other organizations, helping create a bigger impact with a smaller footprint
  • Creating scholarship funds for members of communities in need that enable them to attend the annual workshop, equipping them to build these types of playgrounds in their own communities.